I began my career as a European Patent Attorney in Munich, Germany in 2010. Under the tutelage of experienced European and German Patent attorneys, I became a qualified European Patent Attorney in 2015 after passing the European Qualifying Examination. 

During my career as a European Patent Attorney, I have prepared and prosecuted numerous patent applications and represented clients before the European Patent Office. I specialize in the fields of semiconductor technology, power devices, front-end and back-end fabrication processes, semiconductor packaging technology, novel materials, energy storage devices and telecommunications. I have worked closely with inventors and in-house counsel to obtain the best  scope of protection for my clients. 

In 2002, I graduated from University College London, UK, with 1st class honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (B.Eng, EEE). In 2003, I graduated with a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, USA (M.Sc Engineering). In 2009, I earned a Ph.D in Engineering from Cambridge University for my research on Carbon Nanotubes and their applications.

Originally from Singapore, English is my first and working language. I am also proficient in German and Mandarin.


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